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100 Dislikes
1-2 Day Delivery
Lifetime Guarantee
250 Dislikes
1-2 Day Delivery
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1000 Dislikes
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10,000 Dislikes
3-4 Day Delivery
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Why Choose us


Make Stats look Real

To make your video look real after buying a lot of likes , a few dislikes actually help you a lot!


Great Support

Helping our customers before and after delivery is something that we really focus in. We plan to build a satisfied customer base, and we would be glad to help you anytime in order to achieve that.


High Quality Dislikes

The Dislikes we deliver will stay for lifetime and will not disappear after a few days. They are done from HQ Accounts.


1 Click Order

We have made it extremely simple for you to order with us, you just need to submit your video URL. We handle everything after that!

"They deliver in a matter of hours and their support is great. I highly reccomend them!"
Sam peterson
Video marketing expert

Why Buy dislikes?

When you have started buying social media likes and followers, you have probably bought a few likes for your youtube video. Don't you think a video with hundreds of likes and no dislike looks unreal? Well, We are here to change the game and make it look real with a few dislikes!



What is the estimated time of delivery?

We guarantee delivery within 48 hours. If it takes longer than that we are happy to process a 100% refund.


Can i buy this for my competitors video?

You are free to purchase this for any video you want, including your competitors video. But, we highly discourage that.

Are these dislikes real?

These are made from high quality accounts, Some are even used by real people. But, these dislikes are given against an intensive.

Do you take orders of higher quantity?

We definately work with higher Quantities. Contact us with your needs to get a custom quote.

Finding more packages?

We have several more packages and rates. Check them out by clicking on the button below.